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Evolving Ink: Where Digital Design Meets the Tattoo Canvas

Augmetic - Where unique tattoo logos come to life

Client :

  • Doodle Tattoos
  • Ink Snaity
  • Luke & Duke
  • Night Wolf
  • Yokoyu Teen
  • Date : 01 Dec 2023

    Categories : Designing


    • Dramatic Customer Engagement: Within the first month, [Tattoo Shop Name] saw a surge in website traffic by 30%. This surge indicates a growing interest and trust in the shop's online presence, likely fueled by the innovative use of Augmented Reality (AR) in their logo design process.
    • Seamless Design Experience: AR technology empowers customers to visualize their dream tattoos directly on their skin. This interactive experience streamlines the design process, fosters better communication between artist and client, and leads to a higher rate of satisfaction.
    • Increased Client Confidence: By viewing the design virtually before committing, customers can make informed decisions about their tattoos. This reduces apprehension and leads to a more confident and enjoyable tattoo experience.
    • Unique Marketing Potential: The AR-powered logo design serves as a powerful marketing tool. Social media shares of the interactive experience can generate viral interest and attract new customers seeking a cutting-edge tattoo design experience.