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Recosolution: Resolution to Enhance Machine and Tool Performance

A Logo that Drives Impact: How Augmetic Helped Recosolution Stand Out

Client: Recosolution

Date : 01 Dec 2023

Web: recosolution.com

Categories: Designing


RecoSolution brings innovation and care to villages by building recycled products. It offers a unique experience for the community, by providing the best plastic recycling. It brings creativity and innovation to society by building recycled products.

  • Engineering for Efficiency: We're committed to designing and manufacturing machines and tools that optimize resource utilization. This means focusing on durability, energy efficiency, and minimizing waste throughout a product's life cycle.
  • Closing the Loop on Plastic: Recognizing the plastic pollution crisis, we're integrating closed-loop recycling systems into our production process. We aim to not only manufacture high-quality plastic tools but also responsibly reclaim and reintroduce plastic waste back into our production cycle.
  • Empowering Sustainable Practices: We extend our commitment to sustainability beyond our own operations. We're developing educational resources and partnering with organizations to promote responsible waste management and empower communities to adopt circular economy practices.
  • Measurable Impact: We're dedicated to measurable progress. We'll track our progress in terms of energy savings, plastic waste diverted from landfills, and educational resources disseminated. This data will be transparently shared with stakeholders, ensuring accountability and continuous improvement.


Our design partnership with Recosolution wasn’t just about a logo. It was about crafting a visual symbol for their sustainable mission. Together, we created a mark that speaks to efficiency, circularity, and innovation – values core to Recosolution’s DNA. Explore their brand story and witness design fueling a greener future.


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