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A Gujarati News Channel Rises Above the Fold

How Augmetic Empowers Mantavyanews

Client: Mantavya News

Date : 01 Dec 2023

Web: mantavyanews.com

Categories: Web Development


In the ever-evolving landscape of Indian media, regional news channels must navigate diverse audiences and fierce competition. Mantavyanews, a leading Gujarati news source, understood this challenge as they aimed to break free from traditional broadcasting and captivate urban viewers. a creative force ready to propel Mantavyanews into the digital age.

Mantavya News
  • Designing for Impact : We embarked on a collaborative journey with Mantavyanews, understanding their vision for a sleek, intuitive online platform. Our design team crafted a user-friendly interface that prioritized breaking news accessibility, while seamlessly integrating multimedia elements like live TV and video reports. We optimized the website for mobile devices, recognizing the rising trend of news consumption on the go.
  • Content Curation with a Conscience: Beyond aesthetics, we focused on content curation that resonated with Mantavyanews' urban audience. Our strategy revolved around delivering impactful stories on local and national issues, from politics and business to lifestyle and entertainment. We implemented SEO best practices to ensure discoverability, while maintaining journalistic integrity and accuracy.
  • A Symphony of Technology and Engagement: To amplify Mantavyanews' reach, we leveraged social media platforms. Our experts crafted engaging content tailored to each platform, fostering interactive communities around the news brand. We implemented innovative digital marketing campaigns, driving traffic to the website and increasing brand awareness.
  • The Results Speak for Themselves: Today, Mantavyanews stands as a testament to the power of strategic design and content. Their website boasts impressive visitor numbers, and their social media channels engage with a lively audience. Their position as a leading Gujarati news source further solidifies the effectiveness of our collaborative efforts.


At Augmetic, we believe in the power of storytelling. Our collaboration with Mantavyanews exemplifies our commitment to empowering media brands through cutting-edge design, engaging content, and strategic digital solutions. We invite you to explore the dynamic world of Mantavyanews and witness the impact of our creative partnership.


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